RASA Aadharan: Celebrating the true essence of life

Rasa Aadharan is a truly unique centre that caters to the needs of specially abled children and adults.  Located on the bustling Sampige road in Malleshawaram, Bangalore, it is an organization committed to the holistic development of special students.   Rasa Aadharan is a branch of RASA, Chennai.  The latter founded by Dr. Ambika Kameshwar, advocates the use of THD or Theatre Arts for Holistic Development for the rehabilitation of people with special needs. Dr. Ambika Kameshwar is in fact the mother of THD methodology.  

While RASA stands for Ramana Sunritya Aalaya the name of the parent organization, “AADHARAN” in Sanskrit means cajoling or providing compassionate care.  The centre truly celebrates the fact that every person is special, different and beautiful in their own way.

Humble beginnings and steady growth

Started by Rupa Hemanth who was always interested in social causes, the centre first started operations in 2013 with nine students and a helper. The operations shifted to its present location in Malleshwaram in March 2015 with 13 students.  This grew to 21 students in 2016 and currently the centre has 30 students with five support staff.   All students are in the age group of 17-39 with the prerequisite being that they should be at least 15 years of age before seeking admission here.  The main reason for this is that parents normally prefer that they children try their hand on conventional academics first.  The students here have various kinds of conditions like Downs’ syndrome, autism and ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) with some of them being mentally challenged.

About Rupa Hemanth

Rasa Aadharan is run by Rupa Hemanth and is only one of its kind in the city.  Trained with a Post Graduation Diploma in “Theatre Arts for Holistic Development (THD) in Special Education” conducted by RASA, Chennai in association with Ramakrishna Mission, Coimbatore, Rupa is also a full fledged danseuse in a career spanning more than three decades.  She has been running the institute with ample support and encouragement from her family including children and husband Hemanth.