03/30 2018

How We Do It?

Teaching Methodology

Rasa Aadharan uses the methodology of Theatre Arts for Holistic Development (THD) for the holistic development of individuals.  It refers to a methodology of using fine arts like dance, drama, music and storytelling in the rehabilitation of people with disabilities.  It also employs mime, arts and crafts making the entire process spontaneous, stimulating and a fun filled experience.  The thrust is on equipping the students with practical yet basic skills like the ability to communicate vital information like home address, comprehend simple maths to the extent of being able to buy small things and develop cognition that is necessary to lead a positive life.  The primary objective is for them to lead a safe and independent life in the future.  The centre uses tools like dance, drama, storytelling, role play, drawing and painting to improve skills like coordination, gross as well as motor skills. The centre does not charge any fee from its students for its regular curriculum.