Date: Mar 2018

Objective: To expose the students to various tastes, get an exposure to the grocery shopping, interaction with strangers and handling of money

How it is done:  The cooking event is conducted once a year and lot of preparation is done before the event. The students are given a list of items to prepare and also are taken to the near by grocery shop and vegetable market to purchase the required ingredients. Through this, the students are given an opportunity to touch and feel the vegetables at the market, identify different vegetables, know more about the groceries, quantities to certain extent. The students are made to pay the money and get the change back which will get them exposed to numbers as well. On the cooking event day, the students along with their parents participate and prepare the given items. The students get exposure to various tastes such as sweet, sour, salt, spice etc., finally the students along with their parents have food together, helping in team building

Conclusion:  Cooking event enhances their sense of taste, helps them understand the shapes and forms of vegetables, makes them aware of the grains and groceries and helps them in dealing or talking with strangers

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