03/30 2018

What We Do?


In line with the principles of THD, the centre uses tools like dance, drama, storytelling, role play, drawing and painting to improve skills like coordination, gross as well as motor skills.  Dance help to improve upper body movements and coordination of limbs.  Storytelling aid in improving memory skills while encouraging them to recollect and helps in reinforcement of concepts.  Drama and the usage of props play a significant role in individuals recognizing the concept of a stranger, realizing that their behavior towards different people should be appropriate and help provide cognizance of their own role in society.  The same drama is staged multiple times and the students are given to play different roles in the same play to reinforce the concepts of roles and responsibilities.  Speech and diction is improved via music which also goes a long way in helping them understand the concept of feelings and emotions.  Many a time song are customized and created for the students based on their requirements.

Day in the life:

New students are enrolled during the month of June and the first month is a period of observation during which the special requirements of the students are analyzed, studied and a structured plan is put in place.  This also includes a visit to the home of the student so that no significant information is missed out.  Special attention is paid to the acclimatization of new students (including one on one sessions) so that they are able to adjust to the new surroundings with minimum impact to the existing students.  All lesson plans and activities are chalked out for the year in line with the guidelines provided by RASA, Chennai.

Once the students settle in, their day stretches from 10 am to 3 pm during which they are engaged in all sorts of activities planned in such a way that they become more aware of not only their minds and bodies but also their capabilities.  Starting with a prayer and a session of physical movements including yoga, the morning session has music, dance or drama sessions.  Each day is unique with a mix of different activities done on a daily basis.  The warm up and yoga sessions are aimed at developing flexibility, concentration and body control.  While dance and movements sessions help in improving mobility, music helps in honing listening skills and also in grasping number concepts.   Drama greatly aids in developing social skills and emotional skills.   Story, script and dialogue facilitate speech development as well as reading and writing skills.

In addition, there are also art and craft activities like paper cutting, beading, stitching etc.  Post lunch is reserved for pre-vocational training and a final session of games.  The latter includes indoor games like carrom, puzzles and snakes and ladders as well as outdoor games that happen twice a week.  Assessments are conducted on a regular basis wherein effectiveness of the techniques employed is measured.

Vocational training

Students are trained for a minimum of two-three years after which vocational training is given to students with the objective of supporting their economic needs.  One or two years of pre-vocational training is provided after which they are enrolled into vocational training based on the need as well as the ability of the student.  From this year onwards, Rasa Aadharan has a full fledged vocational training centre with about 10 students and two teachers engaged in making various craft items like pen stands, ‘thoranams’, wind chimes, photo frames, paintings etc.  These are made for orders obtained in advance and they are paid a monthly stipend for the same.  The items are not repeated and it is ensured that the creative quotient is high in the whole exercise.

Other activities

The centre includes a number of fun activities like fancy dress, rangoli and cooking competitions on a regular basis.  The whole idea is to make the students feel empowered and do something on their own while learning.  For instance, the concept of colors is introduced and taught during the rangoli competitions.  For the cooking day students shop for all the materials on their own and actually cook by themselves.  Most Indian festivals as well as Christmas is celebrated in a grand manner at the centre.  The centre also celebrates their sports day and annual day in January and April each year respectively apart from organizing picnics and outings for the students.